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19 • 01 • 2016

5TH edition of World Snow Day a global success!

The fifth edition of the FIS World Snow Day was a global success with over 600 events in 42 countries and an estimated 600’000 participants.

Events were staged in every corner of the world on all five continents. From an event in Peru, which featured acticities on sand dunes, to the Apen Bakke in Norway that included 100 resorts across the country with free lift passes for the traditional Nordic nation. In addition, Canada and USA joined the fun, the Canadians held free lessons, gave free lifts passes and on-snow entertainment in various resorts.  In Asia, one of the most popular events was in China with a 20 events throughout the country. South of the equator, South Africa joined Peru to show that summer is no obstacle for snow sports.

The aim of the annual World Snow Day is to get as many children and families as possible outside to explore, enjoy and experience snow sports. Every year, World Snow Day has enjoyed  steady growth in the number of events and participants. World Snow Day is part of the FIS Bring Children to the Snow programme, which has the aim to increase participation in snow sports among the next generation.

“To see once again over 600 events take place is a very good sign for winter sports,” said FIS President Gian Franco Kasper. “It shows the young generation is interested in winter sports and that events for the youth are the way to everyone enjoying snow sports in the future.”

World Snow Day is traditionally held the third weekend of January. This year, the event is expected to break all previous records for communication with the World Snow Day message expected to reach over 100 million people.

Athletes at all the events, including the organisers, joined in the fun on Sunday and helped celebrate World Snow Day through various activities. Thanks also to the support of its sponsors Audi, Eurosport, the European Broadcasting Union, Infront Sports and Media, The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry, European Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry and its partners and Best of the Alps.

Photos, events recaps and videos from various events around the world are available here.

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