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13 • 03 • 2020

IMPORTANT information for Baltic Cup competitors

Dear Baltic Cup in Finland participants,

Baltic Cup 4th stage in Pyhätuntri Finland is going on since March 10 and is scheduled until March 21. We have most of the teams here already, and some will arrive in the coming days. Situation with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is escalating fast and we are monitoring it. We have been in contact with the Finish Ski Association and the Pyhätunturi ski resort that are under the guidance of the government of Finland. The other governing institutions are the Latvian authorities. On the day of 12.03., the Latvian side has come out with the statement, that the territory of Latvia is under emergency. Latvian side has set restrictions that events with more than 200 people are not allowed to organize, in Finland the limitation is 500 people and our event would not come under these restrictions. None of the both nations are in the list of risk areas published by the authorities. We plan to set in effect additional actions to run our event in a way safe as possible. We will limit the gatherings of people like prize giving ceremonies that have usually been planned indoors, opening ceremony, team ains meetings or other events that can bring more people together in smaller areas. Additional information will be given to the team captains.

All participants or their representatives will have to fill a mandatory questionnaire (ANEX 1.) Entries from participants that answer YES to any of the two questions will NOT be accepted.

We ask all the participants that are in the “risk group” to stay at home, and all others take the responsibility and understand that the status of the situation can change any time and is very serious and the recommendations of the authorities are to be followed. We also do not know what travel restrictions can occur in a term of days or weeks.

We will inform about any changes or cancellations as soon as a decisions are made. We truly hope that we have the understanding of all participants and we will be able to organize our events in safe and reasonable way.

Best regards,
Latvia Ski Federation
Dinars Dorss

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