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09 • 02 • 2016

FIS race and national championships in Madona this weekend

The second stage of Latvian championships in cross-country skiing, organised by Latvian Skiing Association, which was scheduled in Vietalva this weekend, is moved to Madonas skiing track “Smecersils” and will take place on the same dates – on 13th and 14th February. Participants will compete in sprint in classical technique and middle distance with interval start in free technique.

Due to the warm conditions last three weeks and the lack of snow, the changes are implemented and the second stage from Vietalva is moved to Madona, which skiing track “Smecersils” is very good known to several cross-country skiers around the world, because of many Scandinavian cup and FIS races. In Madona the artificial snow was produced in large amount and therefore it is still enough left on the skiing track in order to organise FIS race.

On the first competition day the fastest sprinters in classical technique will be determined. The sprint, but in free technique, will be also in the third stage of Latvian championships, which will take place also in Madona on the first weekend in March. For the men the length of sprint is 1,7km, but for ladies 1,1km. That is the same lap as for FIS race and Lithuanian championships in the beginning of this year, comprising two uphill for men and one for ladies. On Sunday cross-country skiers will compete in middle distance race with interval start, ladies skiing 10km, but men 15km. One significant difference in relation to men’s competition, because they will have to ski one lap of 1km, but other seven laps will be 2km.

In the first stage of national championships in January in Priekuli lot of Estonians participated, also some Lithuanians, and skiers from those two countries are also expected to compete in Madona this weekend. Besides three Baltic countries another neighbouring country Belarus will send some skiers with world silver medallist Leanid Karneyenka leading the squad. Latvians will compete with their strongest skiers, therefore interesting competition is expected both days in “Smecersils” track.

Sakarā ar nepietiekamiem sniega apstākļiem Madonā, FIS/Latvijas čempionāta žūrija nolēma V12,S12 un S14 grupām sprinta sacensībās slēpot 2 kvalifikācijas braucienus. Un labāko rezultātu no abiem braucieniem ierakstīt rezultātu protokolā.

Because of bad weather conditions in Madona, FIS/Latvian Championship jury decided that for youth groups V12, S12 and S14 sprint competition will include two qualifying runs and no finals (best of two runs will be used for classification).

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